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A grandmother’s gift of hope


When 79-year-old Labouy bought a computer for her grandson who is attending university in Chiang Mai, she fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams.

This grandmother financed the purchase with her earnings for De Quarr, a small souvenir shop selling contemporary craft products made by local artisans and designers.

For two months, Labouy weaved fabric tirelessly for the souvenir shop, squirreling away her earnings bit by bit. With the fervor at which she worked, no one would’ve guessed that she had “been away from work for a long time”, as she so confessed.

“I don’t know computers. I only know computers are the one common thing in all of our grandsons’ education,” she explained. The 13,500 baht that she withdrew from her earnings was enough to purchase a basic computer and contribute to her grandson’s studies.

Now that her grandson has a computer, Labouy looks forward to his return—no less with a degree in political science. It’s not just her dream, but the hope of the whole village, she said.

AEF supports social enterprises like De Quarr who is currently working with over 100 other artisans like Labouy. They believe that local handicraft has a unique and fascinating identity and will not take much to be adapted into an innovative product that is relevant to modern day living. Through this, they hope to be a part of enhancing the local craft scene and increase home income.