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With an unregistered birth, Uan had been disqualified from the privileges usually extended to Thai citizens. With AEF’s support through Health and Share Foundation, 44-year-old Uan finally collected her ID card and birth certificate in Oct 2021.
Once an undocumented person herself, 42-year-old Dalaitow now holds the respectable role of “doctor”, working with the Children of the Forest Foundation to provide medical help to many in Sangklaburi.
After cycling through a variety of odd jobs, Boon Thom finally settled into a role at HSF’s Youth Leadership Program. His work not only provides him security and financial stability, it gives him purpose, enabling him to empower others so that they can better their own lives.
The catalyst to change is when help is extended; what sustains it is when a community is empowered. The Community Action Group (CAG) is the start of that: a people growing stronger—from within.
With no electricity and makeshift walls at home, education seemed like an unlikely prospect for 14-year-old Tookta. But now with an HSF scholarship, the young girl can channel her energies into studying instead of scavenging for cassava to fund her school fees.
With help from the Children of the Forest Foundation, 24-year-old Bajo finally received his Thai ID on his fifth attempt. The first thing he did with it was to apply for university, who is studying law and wants to effect change to “help others like me”.