To build a more equitable future where everyone has equal and better access to the opportunities they need to realize their fullest potential.


Stories of human potential

Birth registered,
rights restored

With an unregistered birth, Uan had been disqualified from the privileges usually extended to Thai citizens. With AEF’s support through Health and Share Foundation, 44-year-old Uan finally collected her ID card and birth certificate in Oct 2021.

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A grandmother’s gift of hope

Through working for a social enterprise supported by AEF, 79-year-old Labouy was able to support her grandson’s university education by buying him a basic computer, and taking her the village one step closer to fulfilling their dream of seeing someone from their community graduate with a degree.

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Less of a job, more of a calling

After cycling through a variety of odd jobs, Boon Thom finally settled into a role at HSF’s Youth Leadership Program. His work not only provides him security and financial stability, it gives him purpose, enabling him to empower others so that they can better their own lives.

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Our focus areas


Advancing inclusion and access

We promote the well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, including children and youth, by improving their access to basic rights and services, safeguarding their protection and rights, and empowering them to be active agents of change.


Promoting future-oriented education

We support efforts to establish forward-looking education systems, while equipping young people with the agency and competencies to shape an inclusive and sustainable world they can thrive in.


Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation

We strive to create sustainable employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth through supporting entrepreneurs and investing in new innovations.

Realizing human potential

Our Story

The Algot Enevoldsen Foundation was founded by Per Algot Enevoldsen, founder of global jewelry brand, Pandora. The values of trust, equality, and compassion that has made the jewelry business what it is today are the same values on which this foundation is built.