About the Algot Enevoldsen Foundation


Per Algot Enevoldsen

Per Algot Enevoldsen grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. Raised in a family of modest means, he was fortunate to have access to a good education. This provided him with the opportunities he needed to start his own jewelry business. Today, Pandora is a world-renowned brand, known for its high quality and customisable charm bracelets.

In the years he ran Pandora, Per became deeply inspired by the “can do” attitude of his employees and the pride they took in their craftsmanship.

Coupled with the Danish culture of trust and equality, Per committed himself to treating his workers like family, going to great lengths to care for them and providing opportunities for them to grow alongside the business.

It is with this same spirit that the Algot Enevoldsen Foundation was established: a “can do” disposition, taking pride in one’s work, showing compassion, and using one’s privilege to empower another—all with the aim of helping people realize their fullest potential.

Per named the foundation in honour of his father, who was in the jewelry business himself.